Bake Sales are Starting!

The 8th Grade is beginning their weekly Thursday Bake Sales this week.

Right after school they will be offering tasty baked goods and other treats.

The Bake Sale will be located in front of Dakin Hall on the sidewalk to the west of the pick-up area.
Please do not use the school's white zone, Bloomer's yellow zone or neighbors' driveways to park or stop for the Bake Sale.

The 8th Grade is seeking submissions of creative work from the SFWS community to be printed as holiday cards and sold to fund the 8th Grade class trip. We are interested in anything that you think would make an attractive card, from photographs to children's art, paintings, woodcuts, or verse. We are looking for artwork from children or parents, extended family, alumni, or friends of the school. Please contact Joel Benson at if you have anything you would like to submit. We are hoping to publish four to six cards, with a variety of holiday messages. The chosen designs will be presented for pre-orders in early October and printed some time in November. The cards will also be available for sale at the Winter Fair.