Coffee Tasting & Selection

Stern Grove

(19th Avenue at Sloat Blvd.)
Friday, 9/30, 10:00am - 12:30pm
Please join us this Friday, September 30, for an all school assembly, preceded by a unique coffee tasting event!   

All School Assembly, 11:15am - 12:30pm
This special assembly is the only time of the school year when all students (Grades 1-12) meet in one location. Many classes will perform (music, theater, etc...), so it is a great time to see what is going on in the school. Although the Kindergarten children will not be at Stern Grove, Kindergarten parents are invited to attend.  

Since this assembly is part of the school day, parents are asked to not interact directly with their children.  All grade school students will return to the school via school buses, and be back for normal pick up. High school students will return to school after the assembly for afternoon classes, and will have normal dismissal. Feel free to pack a picnic lunch and enjoy Stern Grove with other parents and families.  Please dress for the weather, as it is often cool and damp there.    

Coffee Tasting, 10:00am - 11:15am 
Preceding the assembly, all high school and grade school parents are cordially invited to join in selecting the new blends that will be offered as branded SF Waldorf School Coffee by  From a farmer-direct coop, these organically, shade-grown coffees will be available for purchase through, with 10% of proceeds going to SFWS.

Taste and vote for your favorite dark, medium, and decaf roasts; choose your preferred prep method - espresso machine, pour over, or percolator.