Ann Grandin, Librarian

Our Grade School librarian, Ann Grandin, came to San Francisco Waldorf School seven years ago with an extensive background in editing and children’s literature. A Bay Area native, she first discovered her love of English literature during her second year at Princeton University. She learned about Waldorf Education when her son transferred to SFWS in the 4th grade. Since then, she has taken the Teacher Training and the Remedial Education Program at Rudolf Steiner College as well as numerous other trainings and programs on providing support for children’s literacy.

A large part of Ms. Grandin’s work with students revolves around the recess time that the third through eight graders can spend in the library. At the beginning of each year, she makes a book card for each child where she keeps track, not just of what they are reading, but how they are reading. She feels that an extremely important part of her work is thinking carefully about each child, so that she can “put the right books into their hands and nudge them back out when they get stuck.” She is committed to bringing all the children into literature—her phrase in the library is not “have you read the book?”, but instead “did you enjoy the story?”

Ms. Grandin thinks deeply about how and when books should be presented—just because a child can read something does not mean that it is developmentally-appropriate for them. Her work, in the end, is helping the children get to know themselves in relationship to their books. She does this through partnerships with the Class Teachers, summer reading lists, and, most importantly, her thoughtful relationship with every student.