The Annual Waldorf Grade-School Bookmark Contest

How many of us can read Madame Pamplemousse or Lassie Come Home in one sitting? Not many. As soon as Monsieur Lard puts Pig’s Ear Pizza on the menu, we feel a sudden urge to eat. Or when Lassie collapses on the Scottish moors, we race to the garden to ensure our pet tortoise, Atalanta, has not escaped!

Life calls. That is why we have bookmarks. Bookmarks let us keep our place in a story, let us relocate the page where Gretel gives the witch a sharp push into the oven. If we lose our way, we might miss this crucial moment and think the witch still iced her gingerbread shutters and doorknobs in the local woods.

Ann Grandin and Melinda Price have invited the children to submit their finished bookmarks by Friday, March 16th. Bookmarks will be on display for Grandparents and Special Friends Day. So if your children arrive home with funny little strips of heavy paper (distributed through the classrooms) encourage their creativity.
Multiple submissions are welcome, but only one from each child will be on display.