Hot Lunch Update

Through all the dedication and talents of our parent volunteers (chefs and servers alike), Parent Council is on track to raise more than $9,000 this year.  In addition, we are happy to report that the feedback we receive from the students has been outstanding.  They are deeply appreciative of the good food served each Tuesday. 

We are now in the planning stages for how Hot Lunch will look next year.  Many of the behind-the-scenes coordinators are parents of graduating seniors, and we will be looking to replace those volunteers.  The roles are many and vary from large to small.  If you would like to participate in Hot Lunch next year, or would like to provide feedback on what worked or didn't work for you this year, please join for tea on Sunday, March 18th at 4:00.  We will be meeting at Lisa Anderson's house (9th grade family), 175 Stonecrest Drive, San Francisco. If you are unable to come but are interested in volunteering, please contact Leslie at