High School Walkathon November 1

Inkanyezi Waldorf Primary School, Johannesburg, South AfricaFriday, November 1: meet in Golden Gate Park

SFWHS Student Council has voted to move the Walkathon to the beginning of the year! Mark your calendar for Friday, November 1 (the day after Halloween) when we thought everyone would have some sugar to walk off too. Students will meet directly in the park at Pioneer Log Cabin (please note this new location), just East of Stow Lake, off of JFK Drive (at about 17th Ave). Students arrive at 9:30am and will be dismissed directly from the park at about 2pm, after lunch and games. El Tonayense Taco Truck will provide lunch for every student that raises at least $30 for the Walkathon.

Inkanyezi Waldorf Primary School, Johannesburg, South Africa

SFWHS has been supporting the Inkanyezi Waldorf School in South Africa for a decade. We have raised money, donated art supplies, and sponsored their students to come and study at our school. Students will receive pledge forms and pamphlets today or tomorrow in Main Lesson and can begin asking for donations! Please encourage them in this worthy endeavor. Donations will be due the day of the Walkathon.