SFWHS Participates in San Francisco Urban Orchard Project

In January, SFWHS participated in a city wide event that succesfully planted over 200 trees in 25 locations including our high school campus at 470 West Portal. The tree planting was part of the San Francisco Urban Orchard Project which in turn was developed in partnership with SF Environment’s Urban Forestry and Carbon Fund programs. The goal of the program is to address both environmental and food security issues.

In late 2012, Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF) was awarded the most recent grant to plant and provide care for the 200 apple, pear, and plum trees that were planted in January 2013. FUF will provide ongoing tree care for the next five years, until the trees are established. SFWHS will handle regular tree care — primarily watering — and will harvest, eat, and share the fruit within the neighborhood. As part of the City’s food security plans, SF Environment plans connect tree stewards with food pantries where they can share any excess fruit. To view a map of the tree planting sites and get more information about the Urban Orchards program please visit: www.sfenvironment.org/orchards.

SFWHS Earth Science Teacher Ben Pittinger led the volunteer efforts at our high school campus. They planted 4 plum, 2 pear,
3 apple and 2 crabapple trees in several locations.