The Healing Power of Story with Susan Perrow

An evening talk with Storyteller Susan Perrow for parents and professionals

Stories can strengthen, give hope, enthuse, inspire, soothe … some stories can even heal!  In managing children’s behavior a therapeutic story, through the use of metaphor and imaginative journey, can help shift an ‘out of balance’ behavior or situation back into wholeness or balance, and help build emotional resilience and character.

In this event, examples and techniques for writing healing (‘medicinal’) stories will be shared. Imaginative thinking and the therapeutic use of metaphor will be explored. As well as sharing stories for individual children’s behavior, the use of healing stories for global and national challenging situations will be addressed.  

Susan Perrow is a writer, storyteller, teacher trainer and parent educator, with many years experience in Waldorf Education.  In 1986 she established a Steiner Children’s Centre in Byron Bay Australia, and was a co-founder of the Cape Byron Steiner School (now a full grade school with 300 pupils). In 2000 she developed the first course on Storytelling for an Australian University (S.C.U.). and completed her Masters Research on Storytelling in a cross-cultural situation (post-apartheid South Africa). From 2001 to 2003 she was funded by the Australian Government to pilot creative courses and (storytelling) resources for children with challenging behavior – CARE Program, Byron Council.  Today her time is spent writing, consulting with teachers, parents and therapists, and running workshops on therapeutic story-writing and storytelling. She travels internationally - from China to Africa, Europe to America and across her own sun-drenched land of Australia.  Her two resource books, Healing Stories for Challenging Behaviour and Therapeutic Storytelling, have been translated into several languages, including Mandarin, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Croatian and Portuguese.  

Co-sponsored by Lifeways of North America and Neighborhood Playgarden

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