San Francisco Waldorf School—where students strive for more than just the right answer

Creative and rigorous

Like no other school,
we weave creativity into every subject
and inspire excellence in academics

Creative and Rigorous

Timing is everything

We teach the right things at the right time,
understanding how students learn best at each age

Timing is Everything

Person to person

We’re a small school by design, because learning is
most powerful when people connect

Person to Person

A unique spirit

We look for the spark in each individual, with respect for the heart and the mind

A Unique Spirit

The Experience is Waldorf

Cameron Washington

Alum, parent, and award-winning filmmaker

“With this complicated, globalized world, there is a lot to take in, and Waldorf gives kids this foundation. It teaches deep listening and how to be aware of your surroundings. It is the creative foundation of the work that I'm doing.”    

Dan Hoyle

Actor, Writer, Creator, Alum

“Riding the bus to school, walking around the city streets, I had diverse interactions with people and I was learning every day. It was important to have the Waldorf educational experience to encourage my imagination and it was important to expose myself to the harshness and rawness of the city.”    

David Weber

Humanities Faculty and Music Program Coordinator 

“We are known for developing students with imagination, creativity, a sense of purpose, and an attraction to community. Our goal is for our students, your children, to create the future by acting out of their own inner convictions to the world’s benefit.”

Eric Fischer, Ph.D.

Financial Economist with the SF Federal Reserve Bank

"Something we learn at Waldorf is to be constantly challenged in many subjects like music, athletics, and academics. We're not challenged in a competitive way but in a cooperative way."

Ilana Stein

Integrative Plant Biologist, UC Berkeley

“The integration of art into everything else at Waldorf is the reason I started out as a double major in art and environmental science in college, and I’m pleasantly surprised by how relevant that background is for pursuing a PhD in biology.” 

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