Welcome to Waldorf


With love and devotion, we strive to nourish the unique capacities of every student, that in each may awaken the critical and creative intelligence to envision the future, the compassion and commitment to understand others, and the courage to be a free and active participant in our common human experience.

There is something different about San Francisco Waldorf School. You see it in a high school student who looks you in the eye with a confidence that comes from self-knowledge. You feel it when a grade school student steps to the chalkboard to answer a math question, composed because she has the full and caring support of the teacher and her classmates. You hear it in the joyful laughter of a kindergartener who is helping a friend climb a tree.

We offer an education that is both creative and rigorous and based on human connection. Our highly-trained faculty teach the right things at the right time and discover the unique spark in each individual—the things that inspire a love of learning, goodness, and the world. We start with purposeful play in the nursery and kindergarten to build the foundation for the social, emotional, and intellectual capacities to come. Together, students and teachers explore the intersection of mathematics, sciences, humanities, art, and each student's place in the social and natural world.

Come for a visit, or drop me a line. When you dig deeper, you’ll discover what makes our school extraordinary.

Craig Appel, Administrative Director 

At a glance

45 years in San Francisco
Highly-trained faculty know each student
40% of families receive tuition assistance
100+ years of Waldorf education
430 students across our campuses
99% matriculation to colleges worldwide
Western Association of Schools and Colleges
Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America
Association of Waldorf Schools of North America
People of Color in Independent Schools
National Association of Independent Schools