COVID-19 Response

We are committed to the health and safety of each child and adult in our community while providing a joyful in-person education. This commitment calls upon a group effort that involves support from each SFWS family in order to keep the Covid-19 virus out of our school as much as possible and limit transmission when cases arise. Overall, we firmly believe in our core value of hands-on learning and will continue to follow SFDPH guidelines—which apply to all students, families, and employees across SFWS campuses—to remain teaching in-person throughout the pandemic.

Our current health & safety protocols include:

  • Optional masking regardless of immunization status.
  • Frequent handwashing. 
  • Eating outdoors or socially distanced. 
  • Completion of Daily Health Check form each school day for every student to monitor for symptoms.
  • Open doors and windows for natural ventilation, portable air filters in each room, and upgraded filtered HVAC.
  • Unvaccinated faculty and staff must take weekly COVID-19 PCR tests provided and administered by the school. 

*As we have learned, these protocols are subject to change.

"We remain committed to healthy and safe in-person learning for all students. We'll continue to adopt protocols to ensure our children can attend school every day, where they develop to their fullest capacities."

Craig Appel,
Administrative Director