Shared Governance

As an independently run, collaboratively governed institution, three entities assume distinct governance responsibilities and strive for consensus on major policy decisions. Shared governance supports the development of a strong, healthy community from which students learn and grow.

  • Board of Trustees oversees fiscal, legal, and structural health.

  • College of Teachers oversees instructional theory and practice.

  • Administrative Council ensures timely decision making and communications, led by the Administrative Director who also manages the school's daily operations and nurtures connections at the intersection of the governing entities.

A wool felted queen and king sit atop a wooden castle in the kindergarten classroom.

Board of Trustees

Responsible for the long-term fiscal, legal, and structural health of the school. Trustees are leaders with diverse expertise and experience that they share with the school.

Who’s on the Board?

Tea cups on the  Kindergarten table. Photo by Lucy Goodhart.

College of Teachers

Guides the pedagogical life and educational vision of the school. Members have a long-term commitment to Waldorf education and anthroposophy.

Who’s on the college?
A wooden bowl of wooden acorns sites on the kindergarten table with a checkered tablecloth.

Administrative Council

Central leadership team with representatives from the College of Teachers and Administration, that ensures timely decision making and communications.

Who’s on the council?