Staff & Administration

Our staff is made up of dedicated professionals from many walks of life and from all over the Bay Area. Each member develops a deep connection to Waldorf education and our unique school. We are a committed group of free, responsible adults who bring our best individual selves to our work. SFWS asks all employees to proactively commit to diversity, equity, and inclusion, personal improvement, and service to the school's mission, bringing energy and excitement to serve all students, faculty, and families of the school. 

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Lillie Henderson

Assistant Athletic Director, Grade School Games Teacher

Emily Hilldore

Director of Finance

Anamaria Isaacs

High School Admission Associate

Lisa Lehto

Human Resources Coordinator

Robyn Mandel

High School Admission Director

Gina Moscarella

High School Administrative Assistant

Eric Norman

Advancement Director

Wendy Phillips

College Counselor

Cory Powers

Grade School Administrative Coordinator

Deepa Ramsinghani

Grade School Chair

Brittany Santa-Rita

Grade School Registrar and Reception
< 1 2 showing 13 - 23 of 23 constituents