Equitable Tuition Program

“The healthy social life is found when in the mirror of each human soul the whole community finds its reflection. And when in the community the virtue of each one is living.”

Rudolf Steiner

Waldorf education for every student

SFWS strives for our school population to reflect the economic diversity of the Bay Area community and believes that a family's financial circumstances should not prevent a child from receiving a Waldorf education. Such a vision is rooted in and expands upon the SFWS mission to nurture the unique capacities of every child while preparing students to actively participate in our shared human experience. Choosing a school for your child is a valuable investment in their character, capability, and future. It is also a significant financial commitment. We invite families into our community at a tuition level consistent with their economic circumstances and deeply value the participation of all families from full scholarship to full pay.

The SFWS Equitable Tuition Program (ETP), replacing the Affordable Tuition Program (ATP), is designed to enable qualified students from every economic background to attend SFWS by paying an Equitable Tuition Rate (ETR) that is a fit for their family's particular financial circumstances in order to support and sustain an inclusive community. Our equitable tuition model is one way to ensure that the value of an SFWS independent school education is accessible to every family who seeks it. All are welcome to apply for an ETR. We believe our commitment to removing financial barriers to education connects people from diverse backgrounds, fosters mutual respect, and enriches the collective life of our school community. As we commit to fully see and understand one another—and to celebrate our differences—we move toward a more equitable, just, and welcoming school environment where everyone can feel they belong.


Nursery (Preschool)    
3-day                           $13,980
5-day                           $23,300

Kindergarten               $29,300
Grades 1-4                   $31,500
Grades 5-8                  $33,000
Grades 9-12                 $45,750

Tuition includes field trips, books, materials, athletics, student accident insurance, and Parent Guild and Parent Council. Tuition is set by the Board of Trustees each February.

Interested in an Equitable Tuition Rate?

Grants & Scholarships

Ran Oehl Early Childhood Scholarship

Created in 2021 to memorialize the commitment of SFWS parent Ran Oehl, this fund expands access for Early Childhood Program families from underrepresented communities with tuition scholarships.

Kitch Scholars
Established in 2006, the program awards two full scholarships annually to promising incoming 9th grade students from underrepresented communities. These continue throughout high school for students who maintain strong academic standing. Grants are based on need and academic achievement. An Admission application and a FACTS application are required.
Diane David Fund

Established in 2015, this fund supports tuition assistance and honors Diane David, a longtime early childhood educator, parent, and advocate for socioeconomic diversity.

Kimball Fund for Equity and Inclusion
Kimball Fund supports partial tuition scholarships ranging from $1,000-$5,000 that promote understanding, equity, and celebration of diversity for families from underrepresented communities without regard to financial need. Kimball also offers a limited amount of full scholarships at the Grade School.