Class of 2021 - Senior Project Symposium

Tuesday, June 1, 2021
Live from the Bushnell Center

(Watch on YouTube)

The Senior Project is designed to be the culmination of a student’s high school experience —and a gift back to the community. It consists of at least thirty hours of experiential learning, a major research paper, and an oral presentation before the entire school.

10:15am | Welcome by Mr. Hanlon


10:30 - 11:45am

Anaya Jolivette - Native American ceremonies: historical traditions, modern-day practices and social justice
Max Mitchell Investigating the difference between revolutionary struggle and domestic terrorism
Milayna Melis -  From Scarlatti to Prokofiev: creating and performing a lecture-recital for the piano
Gabriel Sames -  Treating and resolving chronic illnesses through dietary changes and detoxification
Jim Jiang -  The history, underlying philosophy, and practice of the art of Chinese Painting

11:45am - 12:45pm | Lunch


12:45 - 1:30pm

Savannah Balistreri -  Learning the C# computer language and programming my own video game
Samuel Frombgen -  Investing in environmentally friendly companies to meet the challenges of the future
Ariel Ratsep -  Traditional Chinese medicine: diagnosing illnesses, treating injuries, improving health

1:30 - 2:15 | Tour of Student Projects

Myles Cole-Sayre - > A documentary film about the San Francisco jazz scene: origins to the present day
Ayden Boyko -  Researching, designing, and constructing my own one-wheel vehicle
India Roman -  A cookbook of my own: recipes that promote physical health and emotional wellbeing
Zane Steely -  Choy li fut weapons: practical, performative, and historical uses in Kung Fu
Luca Gowe -  The cultural significance of kimonos, geta sandals, and other traditional Japanese clothing
Calvin Yee -  Learning advanced woodworking techniques to create an original piece with hand tools
Catherine Dewar-Kudsi -  Studying the mockumentary genre and creating a film through improvisation and storyboarding

2:15 - 3:00pm

Spencer Bandy -  Creating an original audio drama podcast series in the high fantasy genre
Claire Nielsen-Che -  Interracial adoption: the importance of multicultural training for prospective parents
Lucca Jones -  Rolfing: the principles, methods, and benefits of this alternative physical therapy

3:00 - 3:45pm | Films & Student Panel

Findlay Fullarton -  Techniques for shooting dramatic performances and the art of editing film footage
Noah Gowe -  The art of the Japanese tea ceremony: history, rituals, materials, and cultural significance
Chi Cheng Ou -  Exploring renewable energy by studying quantum physics and building a wind turbine