Delicious Delights Raffle

What better way to enjoy a Winter evening than with comforting, homemade baked goods? As part of Winter Fair 2020 we will be hosting a Delicious Delights raffle! Offerings can be sweet, savory, big, small, and anything in between. Wrapped beautifully in cellophane, these treats are pleasing to the eye and the palate.


Delicious Delights will be a virtual raffle

We will draw winning tickets on the afternoon of
Thursday, December 10th 


If you have a winning ticket, you will receive an email Thursday 12/10 at 6pm with instructions for claiming your prize. The email will contain links to three items:

1. A list of treats with photos and pertinent ingredient information. Each treat will have a number associated with it

2. A sign-up sheet to claim your treat. Remember the number associated with your chosen treat and claim that number on the sign-up sheet. Please remember that prizes will be claimed on a first come first served basis. 

3. A sign-up sheet for pick-up slots. Winners will pick up their chosen treat Friday 12/11. We ask that you choose a time window that works for your schedule in order to allow for a safer, physically distanced pick-up experience. 


If you are unable to pick up your prize at any of the available times on Friday 12/11, please get in touch with the Grade 5 sponsors of the Delicious Delights Raffle to arrange an alternative. 


Ticket purchasers who do not win a Delicious Delight will receive a separate email.