Winter Journey

Join us for a Winter Journey Kickoff!
When: Saturday 12/12 | 10am-2pm
Where: Grade School Campus (2938 Washington Street)


Pick up your Winter Journey map at the Grade School Campus from Queen Winter! She will be joined by other friends bringing you magic of the season. In addition to your map, we will have available:

  • Wreaths for sale: Unadorned wreaths for $25, and decorated wreaths at varying prices
  • Greenery for sale: 10' for $25 and 25' for $60
  • Honey Sales that benefit The Raphael HousePrices range from $12 - $25
  • Faculty-Made Greeting Cards: $10 per 6-card set. $50 for all six sets.
  • Candle Dipping: For any family who would like to make their own beeswax candles, we have a free candle dipping activity set up in our garage. The space is open to outside air, and we will only allow two families at a time to make their candles (guided by two volunteers who will maintain social distancing). It's a fun experience that smells delicious too!

We've created a music playlist to accompany your Winter Journey! Enjoy festive holiday songs compiled by our Grade School Music Teacher, Ms. Sargent. Listen in your car as you drive to each stop.

Click the map below to see a list of addresses and further details

Discover scenes of winter across San Francisco.

Your map will guide you to "Winter Journey Stops" - where members of our community have created beautiful displays and decorations for the community to enjoy. Some stops on the map will have their displays available throughout December while others will be for a limited time only. Be sure to read the key on your map for details on each stop. Winter scenes can be enjoyed safely from the sidewalk or in your car.

Winter Journey is a "choose your own adventure" activity: what homes you visit and when is up to you. For optimal viewing pleasure, we suggest beginning your journey as the sun goes down: anywhere between 4pm-8pm.