Alternative Medicine & Healing Arts

Align Spinal Care

3014 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 94123
Office: (415) 931-5000
Mobile: (415) 570-4374

Catherine Zabelin, DC—Alum

We are a NUCCA chiropractic practice that focuses on balancing the structure through specific and gentle adjustments. At Align Spinal Care, we believe that healing occurs from the inside out. Our practitioners consist of an SF Waldorf alum, an alum parent and a current Waldorf grade school athletics coach. We are interested in serving the Waldorf community and hope that you will visit our website for more info.

Align Spinal Care has been dedicated to providing excellent care to everyone who has walked into our office for over 35 years. Having the only board certified NUCCA doctor in the Bay Area, our mission is to assess your individual health needs and then make a proper and precise correction to the misalignment in your neck with no cracking or popping. Utilizing the NUCCA protocol, we understand that once the misalignment is corrected it allows your body to heal and function optimally.

Awareness & Grace — The Feldenkrais Method

80 Nordhoff Street
San Francisco, CA 94131
Mobile: (415) 519-5282

Carolyn Fleg—Alum Parent

The Feldenkrais Method improves physical and mental functioning by fostering awareness of what we do and how we do it. It is useful for anyone wanting to enhance their quality of daily life and activities as well as for people who are recovering from injuries or ailments. Feldenkrais is a mind-body approach to movement and learning. It is a somatic practice, which means the aspects of our human functioning relate in various ways to each other. No part is on its own. Through Feldenkrais, and cultivating awareness of what we do and how we do it, we learn about how we move and how we learn. Many people notice that the awareness and ease they discover through Feldenkrais classes and lessons often spreads to other areas of their lives.

Who can benefit from Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® classes? Athletes, musicians, artists, actors, dancers, singers, martial artists, computer operators, students... and more. What can it help improve? Flexibility, strength, coordination, balance, efficiency, learning, breathing, speech, communication, self-image, injury prevention and recovery, pain management, recovery from surgery, stress and fatigue reduction, quality of life... and more. What happens in an Awareness Through Movement (ATM) class? A practitioner uses verbal instruction to guide you through movement sequences. Lessons are often done lying down on your back, side or stomach, or sitting. There are also lessons sitting in a chair and standing though these may appear more in workshops. What happens in a Functional Integration® (FI) lesson? Functional Integration is an individualized lesson between a practitioner and a student and includes a more hands-on approach. The practitioner touches, moves, and guides the student to investigate existing and new ways of moving. These are usually on a table. Students are fully clothed.

Inbar Sarig Manual Therapy

3150 18th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
Mobile: (415) 987-5037

Inbar Sarig—Parent

Manual Therapy for orthopedic conditions, soft tissue and joint mobilization.

Mary Johnston

1199 Sanchez Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
Office: (415) 550-2440

Alum Parent

Homeopathy is a 200 year old system of healing that views health and disease in a holistic manner. A homeopath takes into consideration all aspects of a person’s health, including the emotional, mental and physical symptoms and strives to understand the particular and complete way in which a person is suffering, limited or not feeling well. The initial conversation between client and homeopath is the first step in selecting an appropriate remedy to begin the healing process. The remedies given are developed in homeopathic pharmacies. They are highly dilute natural substances, which work by gently stimulating the body’s capacity to heal itself.

I have a family practice in Noe Valley, and provide care for both chronic and acute conditions of many common childhood and adult ailments. I am fluent in Spanish and welcome working with people from the Spanish speaking community. Homeopathy is a safe, effective modality that works well on it's own or as a complement to most other health care modalities people are using. It has been an honor to follow and witness the process of healing with the individuals and families I am fortunate to work with.

If you have any questions about homeopathy or my practice, please contact me so we can discuss if working together feels right for you and/or your children.

Mc Cabe Family Acupuncture

1015 Battery Street, Suite B
San Francisco, CA 94111
Mobile: (415) 244-3787

Paula Mc Cabe—Alum Parent

Paula has been practicing Chinese medicine since 1997 when she became board certified in the state of California. She attended acupuncture school in San Francisco at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine where she graduated with a masters degree in Chinese medicine in 1996. Before that she worked as a certified massage therapist since 1986 and completed her training at the Amma Institute in San Francisco and the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley.

Paula has continued her study of Chinese medicine since graduating through working with renowned practitioner Bick Jane Tang who specialized in fertility issues. She has also studied with Susan Johnson L.Ac. since 1998 and continues to attend her classes to deepen her knowledge of Master Tongs acupuncture points and method. Supporting her patients through her deepening knowledge of acupuncture and helping them enrich their lives and health through holistic methods, diet and nutrition is Paula's ultimate goal. Paula grew up in Ireland with a father who was an engineer and a mother who was a teacher. This led her to be inquisitive and practical in her approach to life and has helped her in her work with patients to find a solution to issues they have to improve their health and quality of life. In her spare time Paula loves to hike, garden and cook as well as spend time with her two almost-grown-up children and her husband of almost 30 years. She lives in San Francisco and is one of the lucky people to live on the Napier Lane on Telegraph Hill on the last wooden walkway in the city surrounded by plants and the wild parrots of Telegraph Hill.

Community Discount: 20% off for SFWS (Mention SFWS Professional Directory)

Mothercraft Midwifery

1300 Sanchez Street
San Francisco, CA 94131
Office: (415) 793-6728

Kara Engelbrecht—Alum Parent

Kara is proud to serve women and mothers in the San Francisco Bay Area with individualized prenatal, birth, and postpartum care.

Kara's path into midwifery started with a tattered copy of Spiritual Midwifery that she inherited in her first pregnancy. As a new mother of two young children she continued to collect volumes of birth stories and stacks of text books which led her down the road to midwifery. Blending practicality and passion, midwifery allows for her care to be curated to the individual needs of each woman. Kara now has two teens and a lovely homebirth practice full of new and repeat families. Through years of holding birth, Kara has amounted a wealth of trust and love for babies and women, and their ability to birth.


Reiki Master

Richmond District
San Francisco, CA 94121
Mobile: (415) 601-4310

Michele McArdle—Parent

Treat yourself to the amazing gifts of Reiki Healing Energy....

Reiki is a Japanese method of hands-on healing. Reiki practitioners are trained to channel Reiki energy to others through the palms of their hands. This vital energy activates the natural healing processes, detoxifying the body of both physical and emotional blockages while bringing deep relaxation and peacefulness. As blockages are released, balance is restored, allowing you to return to your own optimal state of harmony, health and fullness of well-being. If you seek relief from or help with insomnia, anxiety and depression, chronic pain and injuries, immune support, fertility issues, grief and loss, releasing addiction, overall happiness and recovering joy, or wherever you are on your healing journey, come give Reiki a might just change your life!

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Sofia Skin Care & Electrolysis Clinic

3548 22nd Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
Office: (415) 824-2125

Sophia Kleftogianne—Alum

Skin Care Specialist, Electrolysis permanent hair removal.







Zouves Fertility Center

1241 East Hillsdale Blvd. #100
Foster City, CA 94404
Office: (800) 800-1160
Mobile: (650) 378-1000

Christo Zouves, MD—Friend

This is the place where babies are made, families are formed and dreams are realized. With over three decades of experience, Dr. Christo Zouves and his team offer the latest fertility treatments with the most technologically advanced techniques at his state-of-the-art facility. Many of our patients have struggled for years or done repeated failed cycles elsewhere. Zouves Fertility Center is committed to providing truly customized care, and Dr. Zouves is known for his progressive and unique holistic approach, treating the whole person. We are here to support you in every step on the journey to building your family.

We offer specialties in IVF with delayed transfer, egg banking, egg vitrification and egg freezing, donor egg and surrogacy, male factor infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss, fertility assessment, family balancing and immunology and preimplantation genetic testing. We are proud to be an LGBTQ+ friendly IVF clinic.

Community Discount: ZFC will offer a $500 discount on an IVF treatment cycle.

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