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AH Waldorf Inspired Learning Support

791 27th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131
Mobile: (415) 518-4576

Amber Hanlin-Rowney - Parent

I am an Embodiment and Learning Specialist with training and certification in Waldorf Learning Support and The Extra Lesson. I work with individual children who are struggling in school, helping them to come more into their senses and capacities for learning. My assessments and embodiment work brings children toward more easeful and efficient learning in the classroom and at home.

COVID-19 Response: Amber is offering a few unique options to address current needs in the community. From Amber: "As a parent, I understand how it can be challenging to stay present through the entire day and evening. Fear, uncertainty, loss and continual multi-tasking take many of us out of grounded, open presence and into the body of patterning and habit. Children can have similar experiences and may be hindered by lack of movement and connection. Although imperfect in the online form, these engagements are a way for parents and children alike to reconnect and grow, despite the current circumstances." 

Andy Schine Writing and EF Coach

243 Modoc Pl
Pacifica, CA 94044
Mobile:(415) 515-7232

Andy Schine - Parent

I work 1:1 with students of all ages, supporting them in the realms of writing and executive functioning. I also support students with high school and college personal statement writing.

La Porte Education Advising

3126 Steiner Street
San Francisco, CA 94123
Mobile:(650) 766-0969

Liz La Porte - Parent

Liz La Porte is a career education professional; she is an experienced high school English teacher and college counselor and has been guiding families through the college admission process since 2012. She helps students identify appropriate schools, draft powerful personal statements, apply for scholarships and financial aid, and explore gap year options. She tutors students in writing and in SAT/ACT test prep.

Liz La Porte opened La Porte Education Advising to help less traditional students navigate the college admission process. Over time, her practice has grown to include students of all backgrounds and levels, from middle school-age to graduate students. A former high school English teacher and college counselor who provides Bay Area students and families with customized, strategic college admissions support and expert essay mentoring, her students learn how to draft highly personalized college essays, and they submit polished, maximized applications. Liz believes in creating a positive, reflective, and learning experience for students as they make the transition from high school to college.

Community Discount: 10% discount on College Advising Packages, and on SSAT and SAT/ACT Prep Programs. (Mention SFWS Professional Directory)

Learning Spanish

2088 Broderick St
San Francisco, CA 94115
Mobile:(415) 309-7575

Febe Chacon - Faculty

Silver Bell Nursery

8 Napier Ln
San Francisco, CA 94133
Phone: (415) 244-3787

Paula Mc Cabe - Alum Parent

Silver Bell Nursery is a completely outdoor program with days spent in the park and green areas in San Francisco. By choosing to have an outdoor program the children become awakened to their natural surroundings so that they become more in tune with the rhythms of the earth and thus more in tune with their own natural rhythms. Children learn through their senses, from things that they can hear, touch, smell, see, and taste and also through their vestibular system (balance) and proprioceptive system (joints and muscles).

While outdoors the children learn through exploration using their bodies and senses. They also learn about the natural world around them through songs, poems, rhymes, stories and movement and are nurtured through these daily activities at school. Through oral storytelling, the children develop their imaginations by creating their own inner pictures. This also strengthens their listening skills, memory skills and vocabulary. During the day we work with the children to teach them how to complete tasks, follow through on directions in order to promote independence and positive self-esteem. Providing guidance to the young child through an understanding of their temperament needs. We try to have a mixed age group, children 2 1/2 to 5 years of age. This age range helps to develop awareness of others who have either mastered or are learning certain skills. This striving together helps promote responsibility, compassion and pride within the group. When working with children during their foundation years, we see it as our responsibility to encourage and prepare them to embrace the challenges in their lives and give them the confidence to over come them.

Writing Tutor, Grades 6 - 12

1263 12th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94122
Mobile:(415) 640-5908

Lesley Fisher - Parent

I have been teaching writing extensively for nearly 30 years, in narrative, informative and persuasive formats. I provide scaffolding for brainstorming content, organizing ideas, composing an outline, bridging to writing a rough draft, strategies for revision, and review of editing conventions. This step-by-step process reduces stress and writer's block, allowing the child to relax and focus on one simple task at a time. Best of all, these skills will deepen the student's understanding of the writing process, and can be applied to all future assignments. Here are the specific tasks I can coach and support your child through:

    We can: Discuss essay assignments and options; Review notes and/or explore research avenues; Shape the structure of the essay by creating a detailed outline from notes; Write key sentences (such as the thesis statement and topic sentences); Review important elements of writing a Rough Draft.
    The student can then write the rough draft independently, deepening and sharpening the ideas and pictures we brainstormed. Ideally this work is done immediately after our session; the freshness and depth fade away quickly. Some students may appreciate additional one-on-one support during this process, and I am available for additional sessions.
    We can review the rough draft and together analyze: Overall essay structure (introductory/body/conclusion paragraphs); Clarity of articulation; Flow of sentences within paragraphs; Transition words and phrases that connect and relate the ideas to each other; Syntax and Grammar; Punctuation and spelling conventions. This process is infinitely adaptable to any topic or assignment, and any level of writing ability. We can work in person in my home, or possibly at the high school or grade school at 3:30. For high schoolers, FaceTiming our sessions is also a possibility.

I am also currently assisting high school seniors in writing college application essays. Colleges are looking for very specific content and style in these essays, and I can provide assistance throughout the process. Please contact me directly for additional information.For the SFWS community, my fees are $100 per hour. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to discuss how I can best support your child!


Community Discount: I will reduce my fees from $110/hour to $100/hour for the SFWS community.

executive functioning. I also support students with high school and college personal statement writing.


4000 Civic Center Drive
Suite 300
San Rafael, CA 94903
Phone: (628) 877-0040
Fax: (628) 240-3997

Lauren Ramskov - Alum

Every child has a unique developmental path to reach their greatest potential. We create effective, customized treatment programs for children with autism and other developmental differences based on an in-depth understanding of the child's neurobiology and developmental profile.

We empower children with challenges in sensory, motor, social or language abilities to reach their fullest potential. Our clinical team of experts identifies the underlying causes of developmental differences and creates customized treatment programs to address these differences.

With a wide array of services and evidence-based treatments, families can receive an accurate diagnosis, treatment and support for a variety of neurodevelopmental differences.

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