5th Grade BotanySan Francisco Waldorf School the only San Francisco school offering a curriculum and method of teaching based on the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner. In addition, we are one of the few San Francisco schools that offers a complete program from nursery through 12th grade. 

Early Childhood
Between birth and age seven, the child learns primarily through imitation. The atmosphere surrounding the child is filled with beauty, goodness, and role models worthy of imitation. At this age the children need warmth and protection to develop their capacities in a natural, non-competitive atmosphere for creative play and work. SFWS’s Early Childhood Program honors the task of caring for the young child, offering a range of opportunities for families with children not yet old enough for kindergarten including a comprehensive Parenting Program and a Nursery Program. Following the nursery years, the child moves into a two-year kindergarten program.  The child continues to learn through imitation and play.

Grades 1 – 8
Children between the ages of seven and fourteen learn best from loving and consistent authorities who embrace the world with interest. At this age subjects are presented in a lively, artistic and engaging way in order to ignite children’s enthusiasm for learning the academic, practical, and physical skills they will need for life. They are taught through a block rotation, allowing subjects to be deeply penetrated.  The intellectual development of the child is fostered through the establishment of basic learning skills and the development of memory. 

Grades 9 – 12
High school students learn best from experts in their fields with whom they can exercise their independent thinking and pursuit of truth. At this age students deepen their understanding of the world and of themselves. Through challenging intellectual study, they begin to master a wide range of subjects from mathematics to music, from science to humanities, from art to physical education.  Subjects are brought by teachers who are specialists in their fields.