Waldorf Athletics

Students embrace the tradition of outstanding sportsmanship, and a competitive spirit has propelled teams to multiple championships. Participation is strong: about 60 percent at the high school and 80 percent at the grade school. Coaches, most from collegiate Division I – III, share a love of their sport and a dedication to the ideals of teamwork, discipline, and integrity.

High School

Competition in the Bay Area Conference - BCL-Central.  “No-cut” policy;  team placement Varsity, JV, or Frosh-Soph based on skill level. Graduates compete in collegiate volleyball, soccer, basketball, and baseball.

Grade School (6-8)

Competition in CYO League. Teams form at an age when students are ready for the joys and challenges inherent in athletic competition. Proud division champs across many sports and tons of fun!

Our High School Boys Varsity Basketball Team earned the 2023 Division VI state championship title!

Bushnell Center: view of the gym

The David Bushnell Center for Athletics and Community.  High school and grade school games.

Dayo Origunwa dribbles the soccer ball next to a competitor during a match for Swarthmore College.

Swarthmore College Soccer

“If I played at a more traditionally competitive high school, I may have lacked the confidence to go out and play at the collegiate level. My confidence propelled me.” 

Varsity volleyball team celebrates championship win, trophi in hand, with the school community cheering behind.

The most titles of any school in any sport in the league.  Varsity Volleyball - BCL Champions: 


Portrait of student Will Perry, standing near lockers.

"My family, coaches, and teammates give me the inspiration to push myself, not only for personal gain but for the goals of the team and the friends by my side."

A  batter swings at an approaching ball during a baseball game in Golden Gate Park.

“A few years back, our baseball team went straight from a game to perform in the school play. The same group sang a capella at graduation, performing as a club they created. They were great and engaged in each activity.”

Athletes in action

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