Bushnell Center

Welcome to the David Bushnell Center for Athletics and Community at the high school in West Portal. Thanks to the generosity and vision of our incredible community, we launched the largest capital campaign in school history, raising nearly $8 million for this sustainable showcase facility. The Bushnell Center is home to school athletic events, performances, and gatherings. We will also welcome rental inquiries from the community and value-aligned organizations. Stay tuned!

Grand Opening May 2020

Building Specs

Total Indoor Building Area: 9,170 sq.ft.

Main Hall Area: 7,350 sq. ft. (98'x75')

  • Height: 30' to ceiling, +/- 26' to underside of beams
  • Stacking Bleacher
  • Seating Capacity: 376

Classroom Area: 850 sq. ft.

  • Height: 13'-6" ceiling, consistent with existing 
  • Includes utility infrastructure for commercial kitchen

Facility Infrastructure: Single-occupancy toilets (2)

  • Janitor closet
  • Courtyard: 1,100 sq. ft.
  • Landscape areas (green space around the building and within courtyard)
  • Parking: 28 vehicles including 2 HC spaces, 23 secured bike parking spaces
Architectural rendering of the Bushnell Center: view from West Portal Avenue.
The David Bushnell Center
View from West Portal Avenue, greeting visitors as they arrive to our campus
Architectural rendering of the Bushnell Center: birds-eye view
Birdseye view
A neighborhood rendering of the 470 West Portal campus, including the Bushnell Center
Architectural rendering of the Bushnell Center: view of the courtyard
Alumni Courtyard
View of the courtyard between the new Center and exsiting Herbst Hall
Architectural rendering of the Bushnell Center: view from the west of the courtyard.
Natural Landscaping
Another view from the west of the courtyard between the new Center and Herbst Hall
Architectural rendering of the Bushnell Center: view as a basketball venue.
The Home Court
View of the Center as a basketball venue
Architectural rendering of the Bushnell Center: view as a performance hall.
And our own theater!
A performance hall, with stage, lighting and raised theater seating for audience
Architectural rendering of the Bushnell Center: view from the south.
Waldorf on the map
View from the south, with the school visible from one of the most traveled intersections in the city

Construction Updates

Main Replacement update

The San Francisco Water Department has blocked off street parking along the West Portal Ave block just south of 15th Ave. This is in preparation for planned water main work which will connect water to the high school’s Center for Community and Athletics building, currently under construction. 

Sept. - Oct. 2019

The construction of our Bushnell Center progresses on schedule. You can see the development almost daily when you walk or drive by.  The metal framing of roof and walls will be finished by the end of September. The next step will be putting on the roof deck and sheer walling the sides.  

August 28, 2019

The Bushnell Center is rising… and fast! The entire frame of the building is complete and the roof, “skin,” and walls will be installed over the next six weeks. Our high school students and faculty are thrilled with the progress and are gracefully navigating what is now a full-blown construction site, which includes digging long trenches for water pipes, electrical lines, and digital communications infrastructure. The project remains on track for completion in Spring 2020, and we hope to host 12th grade and 8th graduations in the new Center.

July 17, 2019

In June we made great progress : the steel structure is fully erected and braced. Over the rest of July, all connections and attachments will be welded. Also, toward the end of July, the framing of the building will begin. There is no schedule yet for any off-site utilities work on West Portal Ave.

June 4, 2019

The foundation has been completed! Starting at 6:00 am on Thursday, May 30, 56 trucks, and 11 workers completed the installation of the foundation in one long day. The next steps will be additional concrete for the footings and then the steel should arrive in three weeks time. Construction is still on schedule and running smoothly! Watch the video for an updated time-lapse that includes the foundation pour near the end.

May 15, 2019

Preparation for the foundation pour continues. The site has been a buzz with electricians, plumbers, and other contractors. We covered the site with gravel this week and will be installing rebar in preparation for the concrete pour.

April 22, 2019

The drilling of the piers is complete and ahead of schedule. Much of the heavy equipment has been removed and we are moving into the next stage of construction. You can now see the footprint of the building as we prepare for the foundation.

4-week look ahead: Preparation for the foundation is underway. There will be some electric and plumbing work as we prepare for the pouring of the foundation.