Bushnell Center

Welcome to the David Bushnell Center for Athletics and Community at the high school in West Portal. Thanks to the generosity and vision of our incredible community, we launched the largest capital campaign in school history, raising over $8 million to build this sustainable showcase facility. The Bushnell Center is now home to school athletic events, performances, and gatherings. We also welcome rental inquiries from the community and value-aligned organizations. 

Waldorf on the Map

From the south, the Center is visible from one of the most traveled intersections in the city, accessible by public transportation.

Natural Landscaping

A living wall faces the West Portal sidewalk for neighbors and passersby to enjoy.

Birdseye View

The 470 West Portal Avenue Campus from above showcases the detailed and thoughtful award-winning design of the Bushnell Center.

Curiosity Courtyard

This outdoor area has become the social center of campus, transforming our beautiful building into a welcoming space for gathering.

Kitchen and Classroom

From Cooking Class to hot lunch preparation, students make the most of this new kitchen and classroom space.

Room for Everyone

Expandable bleachers provide plenty of seating for all-school meetings, lectures, presentations, dances, and more.

Home Court Advantage

Our world-class home court inspires student athletes at middle school and high school sports events open to all. Go Waldorf!

Our Own Theater

Professional lighting, a velvet curtain, and raised audience seating transform the Center into an expansive performance hall with a stage.


This familiar and special space is home to milestone moments such as graduation and new student convocation.

David Bushnell (1957-2018) was a beloved parent, husband, and community member of the San Francisco Waldorf School. He served as the primary visionary and architect for several of our building projects, including the LEED certified high school building and the David Bushnell Center for Athletics and Community, dedicated in his memory. This building embodies his passion for art, the environment, social justice, and culture. His enthusiasm and love for life and people inspired all who knew him and will be remembered in this space.