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Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are embraced as a strengthening principle across all areas of the institution. We strive to sustain a community that reflects the great diversity of the Bay Area. We seek to establish an inclusive learning environment in which differences are understood and celebrated. We acknowledge that growth is an ongoing process that calls on the qualities of commitment, cooperation, and respect that are at the heart of our school community.

Celebrating our Differences — Strengthening our School

The work is overseen by the school’s governing bodies and in collaboration with the Multicultural Council. Within the Strategic Framework the school has established these goals:

  • Review and improve the program of support for students with learning differences, including age-appropriate techniques to engage students in conversation about the value of differences.
  • Conduct an audit to provide metrics that measure progress in order to support existing and initiate new diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.
  • Implement new ways to recruit and support the training of increasingly diverse faculty.
  • Deepen equity and inclusion training for faculty, staff, board, and parents that combine the school’s understanding of child development with best practices for supporting children from diverse backgrounds.

“We stand alongside our fellow human beings. We are equal in our right to access education, and in particular Waldorf education. We listen to each other and work in solidarity. And we cede leadership to communities who are directly affected by a problem we are trying to address. Our school is committed to these goals. We know it can be uncomfortable at times, and that it takes training and growth, but the school has put in a lot of striving to this end, and we are not stopping.”

Madulika Chambers, Board of Trustees and Parent Diversity Committee Chair