Alumni Organizing

Young activists from the Class of 2015, home unexpectedly because of Covid, are putting their energy toward the Coalition on Homelessness and support for unhoused people in San Francisco.  Momentum is growing: people are donating supplies, contributing funds, and helping to get the word out. 

Here's the info:

The San Francisco Waldorf Alumni Fundraiser for the Coalition on Homelessness (SFWSA-SFCoH) is dedicated to providing direct monetary and material relief to the unhoused community in San Francisco. The COVID-19 outbreak, as well as a myriad of other factors such as the housing crisis in the Bay Area, have made it a uniquely vulnerable time to be an unhoused person in San Francisco. With a pandemic, political unrest and an escalated police presence the unhoused community in San Francisco is in desperate need of direct relief.

"As San Francisco natives, we grew up very aware of the homelessness crisis," write organizers Aldyn Markle, Emma Stearns, and Marcelle Rutherfurd. "As we’ve gotten older, the problem has only worsened."

The SFWSA-SFCoH is an effort to get the Waldorf community mobilized to directly assist San Francisco’s most vulnerable populations. "We live in one of the wealthiest cities in the world. We love our City and we want it to become a place that takes care of its most vulnerable residents."

To learn more, visit: The San Francisco Waldorf Alumni Fundraiser for the Coalition on Homelessness 

Original art: Isabel Dow "15