Walkathon benefitting South African Waldorf School

The Inkanyezi Centre, home of the first Waldorf school in South Africa, is now a K-8 school composed of over 360 students and 20 teachers whom we have been supporting through our annual walkathon for many years. Usually, our support goes towards funding for basics that every Waldorf school needs, such as school supplies and food for the students. They have even built a small extension to their campus with our previous contributions. In recent years, however, they have been facing more dire threats. Government corruption is rampant in South Africa, and the Inkanyezi Waldorf school has felt the direct effects of their unscrupulous Department of Education. There has also been an increase in crime recently which has negatively affected the school. 

The Inkanyezi School has received positive attention from their local press and residents for the elements of Waldorf education that are largely unseen in that area. Students have shared plays, art, and care with their local community centers and homes. The school aims to embody and nurture calm through routine and a weekly gathering in the midst of a densely populated township in the middle of Johannesburg with a history of violence and social unrest. Inkanyezi means starlight. Through the values of Waldorf education, they are living up to their name. 

All of this on top of the Covid-19 pandemic has brought them once again to the forefront of our minds.

On April 29, all high school students walked a 5.6 mile-course across the city for this year's walkathon. Their fundraising efforts garnered $6,349 that will go directly to the Inkanyezi School. Thank you to all students, staff, and faculty for this successful endeavor!





Even Dr. Burket's dog joined in the fun!