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Distance Learning, Waldorf Style

Photography connects us, now more than ever.  



A high school student working on math at home, dog in lap

Honors math with dog Amos. Photo: Jan Hammock

Student molding beeswax

Beeswax project

Beeswax model, people in a wagon.

Little House on the Prairie in beeswax. Photo: Alessadra Cave

A child painting a vista, from a park overlooking the City.

Distance learning, Bernal Heights. Photo: Erica Saltiel

Student writing at a desk next to a candle

Grade School assignment

A students colored pencils and illustration

For a grandparent. Photo: Jan Hammock

Screenshot of High School Humanities Teacher with book

Humanities lecture: John Hanlon

Children playing chess in the backyard, dog nearby

Backyard chess

Chicken in an backyard

Backyard chicken. Photo: Scott Chernis


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Enjoy a selection of distance learning work from the grade school.