Şeker Bayramı celebration marks end of Ramadan fasting

This week brought Ramadan to a close, so a second-grade student’s family shared their Şeker Bayramı celebration with the class. Their “sweet” letter below sheds light on this cultural tradition and practice that the students were introduced to.

To those who celebrate, Happy Bayram!


Dear Fellow Parents,

Last week was the end of the fasting month in Turkey. The celebration is one of the two big religious celebrations. This is the one I enjoyed a lot, and I wanted to share a few memories with the children. Today I was with them and talked to them about some of my Istanbul memories.

The children were amazing listeners. They asked questions and shared their stories and thoughts with me. I’m impressed!

Your children will come home with a little jar of sweets and an Evil Eye. In Turkey, children go from door to door to wish the neighbors a happy celebration and receive money or candy in return. That’s why the celebration is called Şeker Bayramı, sweet celebration.

They also received a little bag of snacks. It included popcorn, dried apricot, a date, and (most of the bags) also had cheese. They were allowed to eat the snacks during school time.

The jar will stay closed until they are at home. They were told that their parents will decide what and when they can eat the contents.

Thank you to Ms. Bolich and Ms. Lacroix for facilitating this and making it possible for me to talk about this celebration and engage with your children. I had a great time.

I hope you’re having a lovely day.

Jale & Jeff