Fall 2020 Newsletter - introduction by our Administrative Director

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Autumn 2020. 

San Francisco Waldorf School has embraced constant change during the past eight months of the COVID-19 pandemic and the long-overdue national focus on racism in America. While the path may be bumpy and winding at times, we seek stability and rhythm in our commitment to each student’s growth and development as well as in the regular changes of the natural world during this fall season.

Some changes and growth are highlighted in this newsletter. The challenge of distance learning and increased computer usage provided an opportunity to expand the middle school Cyber Civics curriculum to include diversity, equity, and inclusion. Maintaining physical distance while supporting the healthy social life of our community encouraged new thinking for how to host Winter Fair to engage a broader section of our community. The dedication of the David Bushnell Center for Athletics and Community created a moment to acknowledge that our deep history provides solid ground from which to step into the unknowable and promising future.

I am grateful to the adaptability, striving, perseverance, and understanding of faculty, staff, parents, and guardians. Together will continue to move forward to help our students embrace this time of change.