From the Whole to the Parts, a Central Approach

Dear Friends,

In Waldorf education, one central approach is working from the whole to the parts. In school and in the community at large, SFWS put this into practice by focusing on the overall health of the group as well as that of each unique individual. Our Fall 2021 newsletter presents examples of this part of our work, which is also illuminated in the verse below that is recited at many school meetings, including those of the Board of Trustees, Multicultural Council, and many others:

"The healthy social life is found, when, in the mirror 
of each human soul, the whole community finds 
its reflection, and when, in the community, 
the virtue of each one is living." 
- Steiner

In the High School, a new faculty member discusses democracy in the classroom and how that supports each individual’s sense of belonging. We also celebrate the David Bushnell Center for Athletics and Community—its positive impact and the specific activities it has enabled and elevated. We hear from an alum who is now working at SFWS, bringing her individual efforts to improve the whole of our school. And we look forward to Winter Fair that showcases the uniquely imaginative vision and around-the-clock efforts of many to create an in-person event that reflects and uplifts our community and neighborhood.

Thank you to everyone for the individual support, ideas, and commitment you bring to help grow and evolve the whole San Francisco Waldorf School. 

Warm regards,
Craig Appel