Reflection on the Spirit of Service

Dear Friends,

I am grateful that San Francisco Waldorf School has been open for in-person school and parallel learning for students at every grade level during the pandemic. My gratitude extends to every teacher and parent, who muster creativity, adaptability, perseverance, trust, and engagement to launch and sustain in-person school.

For many of us adults, we are committed to keeping school open in this impossible moment out of a sense of service to our children, born of the love we have for each of them. I have come to realize that during a pandemic or not, school itself is a service project. We are giving so much of ourselves to ensure the way forward is healthy, intriguing, and engaging for our children so that they may create and improve the world of the future for everyone.  

This newsletter contains examples of community engagement and service by current students, families and alumni. This spirit of service to each other and our community is not only at the heart of the school itself but also an enriching part of the lives of each member.

Thank you to the faculty, families, students, and friends who continue to give of themselves to help our children and community thrive.

Warm regards,
Craig Appel