Build Community—Support the School

We are an inclusive community dedicated to San Francisco Waldorf School and Waldorf education. The student experience is enriched by the committed participation of our parent community who contribute their time and energy in countless ways.

The school works to support parents through lectures, discussions, and parent evenings. Parents and teachers work closely together to ensure each child's smooth transition to school and healthy development through the years.

How do parents help?

When parents enroll their children in our Nursery or Kindergarten there are many opportunities to work behind-the-scenes and in the classroom in support of the children, teachers, and staff. Parents chaperone walks and trips to the garden, and help coordinate snacks and events. They become full members of the Grade School Parent Guild and are welcome to pursue opportunities to raise funds, and serve in leadership roles on the Board of Trustees, Multicultural Council, and other committees.

  • Class Volunteering: Parents help out in the classroom, in the gardens, and on field trips.
  • Events & Fundraising: Parents are instrumental in making school-wide events a success, including Winter Fair, Spring Night, and May Faire. Parents raise funds for the school and serve as Advancement Liaisons.

  • Institutional Service: Parents serve in leadership role such as the Board of Trustees, the Multicultural Council, the Grade School Parent Guild, and the High School Parent Council.

Contact the Advancement Office for more information at or (415) 931-2750.

Parent Guild

Many volunteer efforts are coordinated through the Parent Guild. This group of active and committed parents help to build community and support the school. All parents are automatically members and encouraged to attend meetings which happen approximately four times each year.

Visit the Parent Guild pages.

Lecture Series

The school hosts experts on child development, education, and parenting through the year. The Outdoor Classroom Initiative also has a vibrant events and lecture series.