Traveling Marionette Theater

Welcome to the magical world of the Traveling Marionette Theater

Marionettes or table puppets share delightful tales of princess mermaids, giant turnips, and enchanted tapestries. All ages welcome.

Members of the Marionette Theater also perform simpler table puppet shows for young children of any age at our Winter Fair and May Faire.


2016: Pimpernel; Rumplestitskin

2015: Mermaid Princess; The Flame of Peace

2014: Moss Green Princess; Rumplestiltskin

2013: Rumplestiltskin; Mashenka and the Bear; Mermaid Princess

2012: The Enchanted Tapestry; Pimpernel

2011: The Giant Turnip; Rumplestiltskin

Performances prior to 2011 also included: The Princess Who Never Laughed; The Three Oranges; The Golden Key; The Crystal Ball; The Frog Prince; The Gingerbread Man

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