A Joyful First Step

In the nursery, young children are guided by experienced Early Childhood teachers through days of exploration and wonder.

Gentle Beginnings

Children attend nursery in one of our two beautiful, fully-licensed classrooms. Teachers work closely with families to ensure a smooth transition to school and to create an experience that supports each child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. A balanced routine gives children the security from which to explore freely and confidently.

Work and Play

Nursery children find delight in simple activities like bread baking, painting, crafts, and clean-up. Puppet shows and stories capture a child’s imagination and help build strong language skills, while lively counting games lay a foundation for mathematics. Teacher-led movement games help integrate the senses, and support physical and emotional development. There is time for creative, imaginative free play each day. This play is an essential part of children's physical, emotional, social, and cognitive growth.

Outdoor Exploration

Nursery children have space to run, climb, build forts, and experience the seasons in all kinds of weather! Daily excursions provide plenty of fresh air and help children gain confidence in the wider world. The class may explore the beautiful walled garden of the nearby Swedenborgian Church, the Presidio, or the grade school play yard.

Healthy Movement

In the early years, movement is learning. Children develop motor skills, integrate the senses, and work cooperatively. Teacher-led movement activities and games are balanced with time for free movement, indoors and out. Fine motor and artistic expression are encouraged through watercolor painting, craft and cooking activities, and free play.

Download the Nursery Program Overview.

Cobbler, cobbler mend my shoes, please have them done by this afternoon. This afternoon is far too late, please have them done by half past eight.

Program Details

  • Children ages 2 ½ to 4 years
  • Three or five mornings a week
  • 8:30am to 12:30pm
  • After Care available until 5:00pm