After Care Program

The Nursery After Care Program provides children with a nurturing, balanced afternoon in the familiar home-like Elves Cottage classroom. The program is available Monday through Friday, beginning immediately after Nursery and running until 5pm.

The children experience one harmonious day, from nursery drop-off through After Care pick-up. After a busy morning in the nursery, the afternoon begins with rest time. Cloths are draped over play frames and sleeping mats to create a cozy sleeping area for each child. A lullaby and foot rub ease the children into rest time.

Rest is followed by a wholesome snack, prepared and eaten together. For children staying until 5pm, there is free play, another snack, a story, and perhaps an outdoor excursion.


  • Sign-up for After Care is on a monthly basis and pre-paid. We are not able to accommodate drop-ins or refund missed days.
  • Pick up time can be 3pm or 5pm
  • Costs are $11-$13/hr and calculated based on actual number of days in that month
  • For example:
    • Mondays until 3pm is approximately $110/month
    • Mondays until 5pm is approximately $198/month
    • Mondays-Fridays until 3pm is approximately $550/month
    • Mondays-Fridays until 5pm is approximately $990/month