Explore our extraordinary approach

Visit a classroom and you’ll see students who strive for more than just the right answer. Students who create beautiful, impeccable work—who try their hands at everything. Meet a graduate and you know someone who's determined to make an impact on the world.
A student's physics project on display.

Students discover the art of scientific phenomena, the beauty of mathematics, and the great ideas of humankind. How do they achieve such stunning results?

The approach cultivates concentration, imagination, persistence, and flexibility in thinking. It’s not about becoming a talented artist. It’s about tapping into the power of human creativity. See the work and you see how students connect ideas and learn about the world. 

A middle school student dances on stage with fellow students during the Dia de los Muertos Assembly.

What captures the imagination at seven and seventeen? How is creative, critical thinking developed to its fullest potential? 

Here it begins with an understanding of human development and how a person learns about the world. From the wonder of childhood to the dynamic intellect of adolescence, lessons are always fascinating. And teachers understand the power of experience—so students build, create, and test their ideas. 

Humanities faculty Kelly Lacy and two high school students talk about their project in the hallway.

In subtle yet powerful ways, Waldorf students stand out: they look you in the eye, lend a hand, ask a thoughtful question. That’s what we hear from people in the community.

Building a connection is key and it starts early, with a handshake each morning. Over years, a grade school teacher stays with a class, forming a partnership with families. High school is intentionally small so every student is seen and every student contributes.   

A kindergarten student recites a verse in a circle with other children.

Every person has a unique spark, something inside that inspires a love for learning and the world. It is an inner light, what a parent sees, and the foundation from which our education begins.

Our teachers are trained to consider a student’s intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual inclinations and questions. They look for a student’s gifts, beauty, and challenges. Each day there is time to connect, reflect, and recite a verse—moments that strengthen the foundation for growth.