Student Services

The school is dedicated to helping children reach their full potential with teachers who guide students through the years and experts who provide specialized support.

Educational Support

The school honors students’ diverse learning styles and ways of being in the world; our educational support program works with students with learning differences and giftedness. It is a team approach that is led by Educational Support Coordinators (in lower grades and upper grades) within the framework of a Care Group that includes the class teacher, subject teachers, movement teachers, therapeutic eurythmists, specialized tutors, and extra lesson teachers. Faculty and professional consultants provide regular student screenings and evaluations. We follow ADA guidelines for independent schools by offering reasonable accommodations and program modifications.


The library includes more than 5,000 volumes, from picture books to young nonfiction to middle-grade readers. There are also vast multicultural offerings, including African-American, African, Native American, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, and Asian literature. Parents are welcome to borrow parenting resources and books about the Waldorf curriculum. The Librarian is a supportive resource for students, parents, and teachers. Summer Reading Lists are compiled in consultation with each Class Teacher to review the previous year's Main Lessons, encourage reading for pleasure, and support parents in their efforts to find age-appropriate material.