Students complete a course of study that prepares them for the intellectual challenges of high school: language arts, Mandarin and Spanish, sciences, and mathematics through Algebra I. There is also instruction in music, handwork, movement, and outdoor education. Unique to the school is a full integration of the arts through the curriculum, an approach that builds creativity in thinking. With deep preparation and attention, students excel at San Francisco Waldorf High School, Bay Area independent and public high schools, boarding schools, then colleges and universities worldwide.

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Library Services

The library includes more than 5,000 volumes, from picture books to middle-grade readers. There are also vast multicultural offerings, including African-American, African, Native American, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, and Asian literature. Parents are welcome to borrow parenting resources and books about the Waldorf curriculum. The Librarian is a supportive resource for students, parents, and teachers. Summer Reading Lists are compiled in consultation with each Class Teacher to review the previous year's Main Lessons, encourage reading for pleasure, and support parents in their efforts to find age-appropriate material.