Global Exchange

Unique to the high school is our global exchange. Students gain language fluency and cultural understanding while attending Waldorf high schools in places like Argentina, Spain, and Taiwan or the many nations around the world with a Waldorf high school. The program is designed for direct exchanges within the international Waldorf school system and families host students from abroad who attend our high school. Whether or not you choose to participate, everyone gets to know our visiting exchange students. Due to the demands of the curriculum, the program is designed for a period of one to three months. There are no additional tuition, fees, or living expenses (beyond pocket money).

“It’s hard to describe the bond two people develop when they spend almost every single day with each other. We went from strangers to friends to sisters in the span of like six months. I know the friends that I have made here are friends for life.”Jade G., Stellenbosch Waldorf School, South Africa