Eurythmy Troupe

Our acclaimed performing arts troupe is treasured by students and audiences alike. The troupe produces a showcase in San Francisco each February and then performs internationally, hosted by Waldorf school communities abroad.

A movement art unique to Waldorf education, the troupe performs music, humoresques, tales, and poems across languages and styles. Students are taught advanced eurythmy elements, including expression, soul gestures, tones, and intervals, as well as techniques of stage preparation and performance. The troupe is both a music elective and an extracurricular offering.

“Our students arrived at the Seoul Waldorf School with their host families, having been warmly welcomed and well cared for. In the joyful way the parents greeted each other, it was clear that this was their school, their community, and the place where their hearts were."
David Weber, Faculty (read more)

Artistic Director