Parallel Distance Learning

Remote instruction and parallel distance learning will not be offered in the 2021-2022 school year.

To meet the challenges of the pandemic restrictions, SFWS previously offered a Parallel Distance Learning Program for students in Grades 1 - 12 who were unable to join in-person school due to COVID-19 reasons previously discussed with the administration or known exposure/symptoms unrelated to non-essential travel. This program included synchronous, live-streamed lessons via Zoom for most classes and asynchronous material for subjects that could not be presented live. Teachers engaged remote student in class activities and followed up independently when needed. Teachers also used the online Class Bulletin Board to reinforce the at-home schedule. Students participating in Parallel Distance Learning were provided a Zoom link through the MySFWS portal for all their classes.

Below, second grader Elijah in the parallel distance learning program helps his classmate Nic in
an in-person lesson with their project. 

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    Read our Pandemic Prevention and Response Plan to learn how we are working to keep our students, faculty, and staff safe on campus and refer to the schools FAQs. We acknowledge the changing and sometimes conflicting nature of pandemic information. Our decisions will continue to be guided by scientific consensus and experience in our community.

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