At San Francisco Waldorf School, you will find exceptional teachers, engaged students, and a supportive community with a global perspective.

Engaged Students

Our balanced curriculum inspires children at each age and stage of their development. Movement, the arts, and the outdoors are woven into the school day. Students are challenged to think creatively across subjects. Our classrooms are dynamic and learning is joyful.

Exceptional Teachers

San Francisco Waldorf teachers help students become resilient and creative young people who are engaged in learning and community. Nursery and kindergarten teachers are experts in early childhood development who create a warm and welcoming classroom environment. Grade school Class Teachers and Specialty Teachers collaborate through the years to help students reach their individual potential. All teachers complete an internationally recognized, multi-year training.

Welcoming Community

San Francisco Waldorf School is all about connections—with classmates, teachers, learning, and community. Students are challenged to think creatively and work together in an atmosphere of collaboration and cooperation.

Our Upper Grades