College of Teachers

The College of Teachers guides instructional theory and practice—the pedagogical life of the school. In broadest terms, the College is responsible for the education of the students and the educational vision of our school.

The College of Teachers shares governing responsibilities with the Board of Trustees and the Administrative Director. Members are faculty and staff who have made a long-term commitment to the principles of Waldorf education, anthroposophy, and the well-being of San Francisco Waldorf School. The College can be reached at

College of Teachers

Lisa Anderson

Mary Barhydt

Grade 5 Class Teacher

Wendy Baschkopf

Grade 6 Class Teacher

John Burket

HS Biology

Allison Carroll

K3 Lead Teacher

Jessica Eicher

HS Chair

Dagmar Eisele

K2 Lead Teacher

Corinne Fendell

Grade 2 Class Teacher

Laurence Jaquet

Upper Grades Resource Teacher

Erin Kemp

GS Handwork, College

Monika Leitz

Eurythmy, Grades 1-7

Diana Mei

Parent-Child Program Director

Karen Nelson

GS Chair

Tamar Resnick

Grade 6 Class Teacher

Heidi Schwarzenbach

Nursery Program Director