Engagement and Exploration

In the early grades, the curriculum challenges children's emerging intellectual capabilities while continuing to spark the imagination. Literacy and numeracy are introduced creatively through stories, poetry, and movement. Fables and folk tales captivate young imaginations and impart universal stories of humankind.

Days are balanced and harmonious, with time for quiet reflection and active learning. Students explore the development of cultures, from ancient civilizations in early grades to the modern world in middle school grades. They are taught to carefully observe scientific phenomena. Outdoor education enhances the curriculum and gives students reverence and respect for the natural world.

Dual instruction in Mandarin and Spanish runs through the grades, a unique approach that helps students develop flexibility in thinking. Older students have concentrated instruction in the language of their choice.

Academics and the arts are integrated: drawing, painting, music, handwork, and modeling help students connect with their sense of beauty and feeling about the world. Always there is learning through movement, games, and eurythmy, Waldorf’s unique integration of dance, music, and poetry.

By the middle school years, students are immersed in a multi-year study of geometry, history, chemistry, and physics. They have developed a sense of self-direction and responsibility for their learning and are eager to explore modern political revolutions, master algebraic equations, and perform in annual class plays.

Class Teachers and Specialty Teachers

The Class Teacher provides primary academic instruction and leads a class through the grades, either from first through fifth or first through eighth grade. The approach is shown to increase instructional time, enhance student engagement, and improve academic performance. Still considered innovative in most American classrooms, the practice is well established in Europe and Japan and fundamental to Waldorf education.

Students also work with Specialty Teachers who are experts in the fields of Spanish, Mandarin, mathematics, music, practical arts, gardening, games and movement, and eurythmy.