Class Plays

Speech, movement, music, and literature come together in the annual class play.
Class plays are an exciting part of the school year and all students participate. The play is chosen by the teacher to complement the curriculum—stories from history, mythology, and literature that students explore in their language arts lessons.

Young children speak the lines together in chorus until third grade, when they are ready to take on individualized roles and stand alone before an audience. Students take on increasingly complex parts through the grades and work together on sets, costumes, and lightning.

Through theater, students weaves together elements of the curriculum in a beautiful and cooperative endeavor. They take on unique roles and experience the adventure, tragedy, love, and humor of the universal stories.

Play Productions

Plays change from year to year yet always support the curriculum. Recent productions include:

Grade 1: Snow White and Rose Red

Grade 2: A Michaelmas Play

Grade 3: Esther, the Queen Who Saved Her People

Grade 4: The Misadventures of Thor

Grade 5: The Odyssey

Grade 6: Roma Amor (A Roman Comedy)

Grade 7: Galileo by Bertolt Brecht

Grade 8: A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare