Educational Support

San Francisco Waldorf School honors students’ diverse learning styles and ways of being in the world. The curriculum integrates movement, experiential learning, and artistic expression. Teachers help students discover the joys of learning and meet challenges with resilience and perseverance.

The Educational Support Coordinator works with teachers and families to support students with learning differences and giftedness. The strategies developed complement the Waldorf educational program and instructional approach.

Each child in every age brings something new into the world… Our proper task as educators is to remove hindrances…


The Coordinator works within a framework of the Care Group, a team of teachers and educational support professionals who work together to ensure that each student’s needs are being met through the school day. Care Group members may include Class Teachers, subject teachers with specialized training, movement teachers, therapeutic eurythmists, specialized tutors, and Extra Lesson teachers. Professional consultants provide student screenings and evaluations, and support the Care Group in their work.

The San Francisco Waldorf School complies with ADA guidelines for independent schools by offering reasonable accommodations and program modifications that will allow students with a range of mild to moderate disabilities to attend the school.

Support Services

  • Developmental milestones: first grade entry and second grade reviews
  • Yearly spot checks by Extra Lesson teacher per request
  • Fifth grade screening; review of developmental/academic milestones
  • Cognitive screenings by a certified education therapy consultant
  • Referrals to specialized professionals for further assessments, therapies and remediation outside school
  • Assistance to Class Teachers: strategies and accommodations most helpful to students with learning differences
  • Therapeutic Eurythmy
  • Extra Lesson small-group support
  • Small-group push-in/pull-out academic tutorial sessions
  • Upper grades math support
  • After school small-group tutorial support on an as-needed basis