Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to some commonly asked questions, please pick an area of interest below. For other questions, please contact the Admission Office at 415-875-7202 or


What is the application process?

Our primary points of student entry are the nursery, kindergarten, and grade nine. We offer rolling admissions in other grades as space permits. Our parent-child classes offer tots and their caregivers weekly classes for 10-week sessions. Please visit our Admission Process page for a step-by-step summary of the process.

May children attend school tours or open houses?

We cannot accommodate children at our Admission Events unless otherwise specified.

Can students transfer mid-year? Can you accommodate short-term placements?

Each situation is handled individually, depending on family and school circumstances. Please contact the Admission Office.

How does the wait pool work?

We employ a wait pool for one enrollment cycle. Applicants must re-apply for the following year if they would like to be considered for a future academic year.

Tuition and Assistance

What does it cost to attend the school?

Please visit the Tuition page tuition which provides tuition by grade level.

Do you offer financial assistance? How does it work?

The Affordable Tuition Program is designed to help make the school accessible to families of all economic backgrounds for Kindergarten through High School. Roughly 40 percent of our families receive financial support through the Affordable Tuition Program. Please visit the Affordable Tuition page for details.

Educational Approach

What is Waldorf education?

Waldorf is a dynamic educational model that is thriving at more than 1,000 independently run schools worldwide. The balanced curriculum engages students at each stage of their development. To learn more, please explore our website and submit an inquiry for even more information.

What is the school's policy on media and technology?

Questions about Waldorf education and media are common. Please visit our “Media Mindfulness” page for information about the approach.

How is the school different from other independent schools?

The school celebrated 35 years of providing Waldorf education to students across the Bay Area. The curriculum is designed to engage students at their stage of development. The arts, movement, and the outdoors are integrated throughout the curriculum. Teachers have internationally recognized training and the school uses a multi-year teaching approach in the grade school that supports student learning.

Is Waldorf education religious in nature?

We are an independent school with no religious affiliation. The school promotes a broad and humanistic worldview, and recognizes that students have intellectual, emotional, and spiritual inclinations and questions.


What is the school community like? How does the school address issues of diversity and inclusion?

We are a diverse and engaged group of people who share a common interest in San Francisco Waldorf school and Waldorf education. We strive to sustain a community that reflects the great diversity of the Bay Area. Please visit our page on Diversity and Inclusion for more information.

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