An Arts-Infused Curriculum

At many schools, arts education has been cut or art is taught in distinct classes. At San Francisco Waldorf School, academic inquiry and artistic expression go hand-in-hand as students illustrate, paint, sculpt, and compose through the day.

Music fills the school. Vocal instruction begins the morning, and students learn to play recorder and an orchestral instrument. All students perform in their class orchestra and an annual play production. They also learn eurythmy, a movement art unique to Waldorf education.

Painting instruction starts with early explorations in color, then moves to increasingly complex compositions. Using pencils, wax crayons, or charcoal, students fill Main Lesson book pages with carefully rendered illustrations and original compositions, deepening their understanding of academic subjects like geography and mathematics. In seventh grade, for instance, students learn Renaissance portraiture in history and perspective drawing techniques that support their understanding of geometry.

Students knit, sew, and do woodworking. They explore natural mediums like wool, beeswax, and clay. These artistic and practical activities support sensory integration and build students' powers of concentration.

At San Francisco Waldorf School students naturally see themselves as artistic individuals. Through the arts, they gain creativity in thinking, an awareness of feeling, and an appreciation for beauty in the world.

Arts and academics are integrated in students' Main Lesson books and curriculum-based chalk drawings by Class Teachers.