About Us

The Waldorf curriculum helps students achieve their full potential. Every aspect of the high school experience, from the science lab to the playing field, to internships and community service, is viewed not only from the standpoint of academic preparation, but also from its contribution to the student’s developing sense of self. As students come to know the world, they come to know themselves.

Through its emphasis on ethical values and social responsibility, Waldorf education helps students become a force for transformation in the world. Waldorf education emphasizes the importance of learning through experience. By using primary sources instead of textbooks in the humanities, students analyze the material for themselves, fostering independent thinking and honing their critical reasoning skills.

Students learn about the sciences through hands-on exploration of chemistry, biology, and physics, giving them a comprehensive understanding of the scientific processes at work in the world. Required community service work gives students the chance to learn through direct engagement with their local community. Waldorf students develop a well-rounded understanding of the world and their place in it.