Talia Molesworth (Class of 2016); SFWS Cultivates World-Centric Lifelong Learning

Talia Molesworth graduated from SFWHS in 2016. She is currently living abroad in Kibbutz Harduf, Israel and participating in a volunteer program focused on coexistence, sustainability and education through an anthroposophical lens. Her time in Israel is spent teaching English at neighboring Arab villages, working with special needs adults in Beit Elisha, and farming on the biodynamic and organic farm where she lives. Her days start early on the farm, harvesting and restoring the land, and building new plots and garden beds. Her evenings often consist of Arabic and Hebrew lessons, theater, coexistence discussions and biographical reflections. Talia discovered through her participation in the outdoor education program at SFWHS that she learns the most when she is interacting with new people through experiences involving nature.

"I truly believe that all human beings, including myself, learn the most by simply having interactions with others, outside in the world, close to the earth, the trees, and the open sky."

From her first steps in preschool, Talia understood that Waldorf tried to bring to education all aspects of the human life. She is able to help cultivate in her peers this nature-centered approach to lifelong learning with a focus on the development of the social, physical and spiritual self. In Israel, she studies with a diverse group of young adults, most of whom are new to anthroposophy and Waldorf education. They marvel at the creativity, careful thinking and openness that the various anthroposophical views and Waldorf-themed discussions allow.

Talia often sees the world through her feeling sphere and everything comes through her heart and soul. When she volunteers at the Arab school, she connects with the children through smiles, validates their laughter with a chuckle, makes eye contact and is in tune to what is going on in every corner of the classroom. Talia feels that some of her strongest connections with others in Israel are immediately rooted in Waldorf education.

"Who knew I would be across the world in Israel, in a beautiful dark wood circular theater, using wooden rods to do the same exact sparring movements I did years ago in grade school. What a thing, to travel all the way across the world and feel completely at home in a school, in a community, in a gathering of people."

With a new global perspective, Talia understands that there are many different paths that lead to individual success and happiness. She hopes to join or create her own program that helps teenagers through the time in their lives when difficult and exciting choices have to be made. She understands that any one path can lead to college, to work, to travel, to volunteering and no matter the path, growth and learning will arise. Talia plans to continue her global travels in pursuit of unrelenting learning and cultural awareness.

"Waldorf instilled in me a desire to gain a multitude of knowledge and culture because I know that I will never be one thing or one way. My experiences make up who I am."

Program Spotlight: Volunteer with Kibbutz Harduf in Israel and build new permanent and ecologically-conscious facilities in the forest; teach English to small groups of children; work with special needs adults in various paper, pottery, baking and gardening workshops; and learn how to develop and nurture biodynamic farms. Visit http://www.masa-tlalim.com/volunteerharduf/ for program information.