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Our distinguished high school faculty is passionate about teaching and dedicated to supporting each individual student.

The teachers are specialists in their fields—most hold advanced degrees and many have PhDs—who complete an internationally recognized teacher training program focused on facilitating student engagement in learning. Performing and fine arts instructors come from the Bay Area's vibrant professional arts and crafts community.

Instead of the traditional top-down administrative model, faculty work together to implement the school's educational vision. The collegial approach allows teachers to best meet the needs of each class and each student.

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Bryan Anderson

Athletic Director

Lisa Anderson

Craig Appel

Administrative Director

Andrea Aranda

HS Spanish Teacher

David Boyce

HS World Music

John Burket

HS Biology

Joan Caldarera

HS Humanities

Paolo Carini

HS Physics, 11th Grade Sponsor

Jessica Eicher

HS Chair
1 2 3 4 > showing 1 - 9 of 34 constituents